Original Artwork

R A Bickle


Rosemary Bickle, a descendant of Robert Ladbrooke co-founder of the Norwich school of painters, was born in Dumfries in Scotland, where she was initially inspired to draw and paint by the mood and feeling of the wild Galloway region and the Solway coast. 

Rosemary is a qualified teacher (French, History and Art) with an additional Open University Honours degree and an Honorary B A Degree from Winchester University. Always involved with the Arts, she has worked as a piano teacher, a College of Education lecturer, an Open University tutor, a Fiction Editor and a French Literary translator. In 2019, she graduated with a Foundation Diploma in Art and Design from West Dean College, Sussex and in 2020 completed two further courses from Oxford University: ‘Learning to Look at the Visual Arts’ and ‘Learning to Look at Modern Art’.

Rosemary is now experimenting with abstraction from landscape and linking her love of music to Art. She is currently working on a series of works designed to inspire meditative questioning on the nature of life, death, good, evil and spirituality. Her paintings will be shown in her first virtual online 3D Gallery Exhibition – more details here: